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Welcome to the online home of The Lutheran Orthodox Church.

The members of The Lutheran Orthodox Church welcome you to our web site where you will find all the information you are looking for (and probably a whole lot more than you expected) about us.

We encourage you to search our entire site and please feel free to contact us if we may be of further assistance.

About Us

The Lutheran Orthodox Church is a Lutheran Church in valid Apostolic Succession.

The Lutheran Orthodox Church considers itself Evangelical Catholic, (as Martin Luther did) but we don't particularly care to use the word 'denomination' to describe us. The word 'denomination' means 'division' and the Body of Christ was not meant to be divided. We prefer to call ourselves a 'Fellowship' of Independent Evangelical Ministries, in the Lutheran Tradition. But for lack of better phrasing, we will refer to ourselves as 'Church' or 'Denomination'

(Below: Pastor Ken Reihl, St Francis LOC, Nutley, NJ)

Before you read any further about our fellowship, we hereby

declare that Jesus Christ is King Of Kings and Lord of Lords! This simple statement is the cornerstone of our faith. We look to The Bible as the sole authority for our faith, and when issues arise as to interpretation, we look at the Lutheran Confessions for guidance. But in all things, The Bible is the final authority.

What To Expect in a Lutheran Orthodox Church

(Below, Bishop Randy Wagoner, Washington DC Diocese)

First and foremost, we are a Lutheran denomination in the Evangelical Catholic tradition, and as such, we welcome the differences in style and worship among our member ministries, provided that the worship experience is dignified, Bible Based and shows the reverence and respect for Our Lord Jesus Christ as befitting a proper Christian ministry.Some of our churches have a very formal worship setting, with full vestments, and a traditional liturgy. Other LOC ministries are less liturgical and more pulpit focused, with the sermon delivered by the pastor being the main focal point of the service. Several LOC ministries prefer that their pastor wears a suit and tie or other respectful dress; others prefer collar, alb and chasable. In these non-essential things, we respect each individual congregation's preference.

(Below: Leading worship in suit and tie, as opposed

to formal vestments. Each congregation decides on

non essential styles of worship.)

Some LOC congregations meet in traditional church buildings, others share space with other 'denominations', others meet in nursing homes, while others still, use private homes or rented spaces to hold worship and fellowship. It is not 'where' we worship, it is 'Who' we worship, that being Almighty God.

Although each church and congregation is independant, and any property remains the property of their respective congregations, we share many of the same styles of worship and music, and we all work together in furthering The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(Below, Pastor Jerry Hemmingson with members of

Heart Lutheran Church, Temecula, Ca. Heart Lutheran

provides Pastoral Care to nursing home in exchange

for a place to worship )

A Mutually Beneficial


You will find that by far the vast majority of our congregations provide pastoral care services to nursing home facilities, and many congregations have made arrangements to provide free pastoral care in exchange for use of the facility's chapel or other common area suitable for worship rather than expend limited resources on building financing and maintainance.This is an arrangement that has worked very well everywhere it has been implemented.

(Below, Bishop Curry, Diocese of Indiana, leading worship)

A Lutheran Orthodox service generally consists

of hymns, a common liturgy which is easy to follow,

even for a first time visitor, a sermon , and always,

the celebration of the Eucharist, or Holy Communion.

We believe in the presence of Christ in the elements,

and we do allow everyone who is baptized and

believes to participate in the Lords Supper.

We celebrate all the traditional dates of the Christian calandar and follow the traditional Western schedule of observances, (Easter, Christmas, Ash Wed, Lent, etc...)

Ordination of Barry Cox (Diocese of Eastern Carolina)

All are welcome

We hope you will find that a Lutheran Orthodox Congregation is one of the warmest, friendliest congregations you have ever visited. We pray that you find the worship experience to be one of the most spiritual, inviting and refreshing worship experiences you will find and you remain refreshed in body and soul as you leave to go about your daily lives, always in wonder and awe of the awesome God we serve, the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Again, we welcome you to explore our site and we hope you find The Lutheran Orthodox Church to be as warm and inviting as any group of Christians can be.

And may The Peace of Our Lord be with YOU ALL.

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