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An Invitation to All: Come on, join us. You'll find some of the warmest, nicest people anywhere.

Whether you are a 'seasoned' Christian or a newcomer, we welcome you to explore possibilities with The Lutheran Orthodox Church.

We're a small but growing denomination and we would welcome anyone seeking a warm loving, caring and Scripturally Sound Bible Based church. We welcome small home based congregations, large established churches, husband and wife ministries, ordained ministers from all mainstream denominations, (provided you accept our Core Beliefs and Statement of Faith, and of course, follow the Scriptures as understood in the teachings of Martin Luther as best we understand them), and those seeking to enter the ministry whether seminary trained or in need of seminary level training.

In other words, if you seek a Christian home, whether clergy, laity or somewhere in between, come chat with us. It may be the most exciting and spiritually refreshing conversation you had in a long time.

Our Bishops at The 2nd Reformed Church of Jersey City

For Ordained Clergy or those interested in ordained ministry

We accept ordained ministers from a variety of other denominations, as well as those who are not yet ordained but are interested in ministry.

If you are already a Lutheran Pastor from any of the recognized Lutheran Bodies and seek a new denominational structure, your inquiries are most welcomed!

We have a variety of options for both clergy and candidates. Please be sure you are in agreement with our Core Beliefs and Statement of Faith and have read our entire web page including our By Laws and Constitution. Then send an email with your interest and someone will contact you at your convenience. You will need to fill out the application located in the links on the left side of this page, so read the application first. If you have any questions please feel free to send a note or call this office. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the application.

Some of the clergy in the NYC Diocese, at St Francis LOC

For Established Congregations, ministries churches or home based ministries as well as indivduals seeking a new spiritual home

We of course welcome anyone who seeks to worship in a liturgical setting in the traditional sense of the Church. Each congregation may have a slightly different style of worship, and may meet in unusual locations, but

our services are always upbuilding and spiritually refreshing. 

Established congregations looking for a new theological home are welcome to explore the possibilities with The Lutheran Orthodox Church

If you are an already established Lutheran Church, Congregation or Ministry and seek a new denominational setting, your inquiries are most welcomed!

For home churches, please see our page, Home Churches Welcomed on the left of this page.

Needless to say, the Presiding Bishop's suggestions were not well received...

Disabled Vet turned LOC pastor, Rev Richard Dion, ministering to other vets, VA Home, NJ.with LOC Bishops, Sam and Sandy Guido

There is never a fee, dues, tithes or membership charges to join or remain a member of The Lutheran Orthodox Church. All funds received by this body are voluntary, freewill offerings.

Whether you are interested in ordained ministry, establishing a congregation, or seeking a congregation near you, send an email

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