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Above: Bishop Louis Marcel Pierre, Port Au Prince, Haiti

The following is a partial list of rostered ordained clergy and licensed clergy in good standing with The Lutheran Orthodox Church. Not all clergy affiliated with this church are listed on this page for both privacy as well as security reasons.

This list makes no distinction between Bishops, Ministers, Deacons or licensed clergy. (Licensed clergy are those who have met the qualifications of this denomination but have not had their formal consecration ceremony performed at the date of rostering. A temporary license would be issued with full clergy privileges, with a specified renewal/expiration date).

The only acceptable credentials are as follows:

For Bishops: A complete book listing their Apostolic Succession, with their name printed in the book. A Letter of Appointment with the signature of The Presiding Bishop and sealed with the LOC corporate seal. A Certificate of Consecration (ordination) with the signature and seal of The Presiding Bishop.

For Ordained Ministers (Priests) and Deacons: A letter of Appointment signed by The Presiding Bishop along with a copy of their ordaining Bishop's Apostolic Lineage and a letter of His or Her (the Bishop's) authority to perform such a ceremony, and a certificate of ordination signed by the Presiding Bishop and the Consecrating Bishop.

(Above: Rev Andrew McMenamin)

Licensed Clergy: A Letter of Appointment to the Office of Ministry or a License To Minister signed by The Presiding Bishop or his authorized representative. The License to Minister under the LOC jurisdiction shall have an expiration date of ONE YEAR from date of issue, and the corporate seal of The Lutheran Orthodox Church or the issuing Bishop.

In addition all clergy of The Lutheran Orthodox Church will possess a wallet sized ID card with the actual signature of The Presiding Bishop and corporate seal along with an anti-forgery feature imbedded within the card and not disclosed unless the validity of the card is in question. (Cards are currently being issued and not all ministers may have received the new ID as of this date).

No other credentials shall be considered valid unless verified by The Presiding Bishop.

To verify the credentials of anyone listed on this page, or someone presenting credentials but not listed here, please contact our office via telephone, email or regular post.

Left, Rev Richard Wagner, Angus Dei Ministries,

Diocese of Eastern North Carolina

Not All Clergy Of The Lutheran Orthodox Church Are Listed Here

Clerical Titles Have Been Omitted

North America

(Names listed in no particular order)

Samuel Guido

Jack Adams

Jerry Bragg

Leonard Easterday

Sandra Guido

Kyle Lockhart

Robert Viancourt

Cindy Adams

David Rowe

Randy Wagoner

Christine Wagoner

Heidi StMichael

Steffan StMichael

Jerry Hemmingson

Andrew McMenamin

George Christopher Moses

David Reinert

Jennifer Guido

Joseph Jacobs

Ann Jacobs

Michael Layne

James Groover

Michael Byus

Richard Wagner

Garland Byers

Sherry Groover

Jerry Curry

Thomas Scarino

Dale Anderson

Ken Cates

Dennis Ramos

Jonita Ramos

Kenneth Reihl

Emily Stoecker

Vincent Gioini

David Trail

Sherry Trail

Chris Bilardi

Puerto Rico

Juan Laracuente


Peter John McMahon


K.Sak Thomas

20 congregations. Balance of names witheld.

Sri Lanka

James Gnanapragasam

Balance of names witheld


All names witheld


Louis Marcel Pierre

Below, our Chrisian Brethren meeting in undisclosed location

in Africa


There are currently 110 active registered congregations,with 40+ clandestine congregations meeting in undisclosed locations due to war, persecution or civil unrest, 2 prison ministries, one orphanage, one campus ministry, one refugee ministry, 4 missionaries and one disaster response team. In addition the LOC is building a new seminary program of its own and supports 2 other non-LOC seminary programs.

Pastor Jerry Hemmingson, Heart Lutheran Church, Temecula, Ca.

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