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The 5 Year Convocation and General Assembly of The Lutheran Orthodox Church was held April 19th,20th-21st 2013 at The American Legion Post 16, Slatington, Pa, 18080 and at the corporate offices of the LOC in Neffs, Pa.

What a wonderful time was had by all in attendance.

The weekend started Friday evening with...what else?... Tornado warnings, cancelled flights, heavy winds and rain...but that was outside. Inside was as warm and hospitable as could be. What a joy to meet up with our Brothers and Sisters once again, who came came from all around the world to gather together once again in love, faith and friendships.

The Friday reception was cancelled in lieu of a smaller gathering since so many flights were delayed. But to see so many old friends once again made it all worth while.

Many of us gathered once again on Saturday morning to have a breakfast together before the official events began. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and it was very strange, after an evening of such wild weather, that we were the only group of people at the restaurant for breakfast. We thought it was closed, but upon checking, it was indeed opened. It seems the locals were still hunkered down from the night's storm, which left the restaurant all to us alone! What a warm, wonderful chance to renew our friendships with friends from all over the country, even from as far away as Seattle, Tacoma and North Carolina.

Then it was off to the General Assembly which began at 10:00 am and included ordinations and consecrations. The LOC consecrated 3 new Bishops, and 3 new Priests. We also officiated by request for the consecration of 2 Bishops on behalf of The African Orthodox Church, a Priest for The Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of Long Island, and a Bishop for The Order of

Corporate Reunion from Maryland.

All together there were delegates and representatives from many of the Dioceses' of The LOC, including Tacoma, Seattle, East and West North Carolina, NYC, Northern NJ, Lehigh Valley, Pittsburgh, and LOC delegates from Trenton, Philadelphia, Georgia, Florida, Queens, and many many other locations.

A representative from The Franciscans was present as well. In addition, letters of welcome were received from the delegates who could not attend due to weather and travel delays.

A touching tribute to our vets by Presiding Bishop Guido brought some of the most battle hardened vets to tears of appreciation.

The LOC awards were presented, and some of the recipients included a representative of the Veterans Administration, several local veterans, many LOC and non LOC ministers for excellence in ministry and a special award for 60 years of ordained ministry was presented to RC priest, Fr Edward McElduff for a lifetime of service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Fr Mac, beside being a Roman Catholic Priest for 60 years, was also a 2 time Purple Heart recipient, having been wounded in Normandy as well as in The Pacific Theater of WW2.

This year's Excellence In Ministry Award was presented to The Reverend Kenneth Reihl and his associate pastors at St Francis Lutheran Orthodox Church in northern NJ. Well done, Ken, Jonita, Dennis, Narda and crew!

Lunch and fellowship followed where we finally got to let the excitment of being together once again explode! What a wonderful time we had together. Afterwards, the LOC Board of Directors made a surprise home visit to an ill LOC Bishop who was too ill to attend the convocation only a few miles from her home. Tears of joy welled up in her eyes as she was so surprised to see the friends she so dearly missed. We prayed for her recovery and stayed as long as we could before having to depart to our hotels.

The following day was a day of worship together for those who were still in town, and a nice lunch was had as well as a brief business meeting, which also ended with a visit to a nursing home and to an LOC shut in, with laying on of hands, and prayers for healing. 

What a blessed weekend of love, faith and fellowship we had.

Until we meet again my friends, be well, stay safe, and Praise The Lord!

Here are some photo's of the weekend.

More will be posted as they come in to our office.

     We will post more photo's as they are received in our office. Thank you to all who contributed in making this convocation a success. Thank you to Rev and Mrs Ken Reihl for supplying the altar linens, chalice and communion service. Special thanks to the following for making this weekend a beautiful service giving all glory to The Lord: Rev Bradley Varvil Rev Mike Byus, Revs Jonita and Dennis Ramos and family, Rev and Mrs Dale Anderson, Rev Ken Ursin and family, Rev Garland Byers and family, Rev Eliott Cruz, Rev John Butler, Rev Sam Guido, Deaconess Jennifer Guido, Father Edward McElduff, The Obrecht family, our brothers in The African Orthodox Church, our brothers in The OCR, The Veterans Administration Representatives, and all who worked so hard to make this convocation one for the record books.

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